Art is my religion

I am not a painter or any other kind of fine artist, rather a hypercinetic jumping jack. Spontaneity is my fate and mission. Showing a nonconformistic and authentic way of self-expression and thinking (pic Martyr).

At the age of thirteen I had my coming out as a transvestite, felt for the first time the eager desire to wear feminine clothes, the soft and tender touch of silk and nylon (pic: 'Golden cut'). I put on sub rosa the smooth and shiny dresses of my sisters and smelled the sweet fragrance of their teeny perfume (pic 'My Melody'). These feminine fetishes give me delightful creeps til now. Why I am reacting so devotedly to this stimuli, what is the secret behind? What is the essence of beauty (pic 'Aphrodite Polystyrene').

Nothing is like it seems.

I am switching between male and female. When I am in her mind I love me and would like to kill him til I come. When I am in his mind I hate her til I want to love me again (pic 'In my mind'). There are many transitional 'Points of view' (pic).

Photography for me is not only a possibility to document experiences, visualize ideas and signify „found objects“ with their impressive presence and ambiguity (pic 'Crosser' as an allegory for transcendence) but also a source of new thoughts and artful concepts.

The idea for 'Symbiosis' (pic) emerged spontanenously during image processing while thoughts progressing about the so-called subject-object-debate in aesthetic theory. The boundaries between subject, artwork and the artist should be dissolved. In this case between two women and the trinity artwork of Anselm Kiefer ('Vater, Sohn, Heiliger Geist').

Art is a religion of enlightenment and appropriation an important sacrament. Boundaries are deceiving.

You are subject and object at once. It´s like performing the white-cube-game (pic 'Which cube holds the sense?') alone. Imagine you are both, the operator who shuffles the cubes and the player who answers the question. Therefore – happy-go-lucky – you cannot lose. What a wonderful religion! We all have to find our own meaning of life.

The void is yourself, it is like a huge mirror of your mind.(Bill Viola)

I am not a painter, but a thinker, therefore let me draw a conclusion. We have to develop our individual understanding for essence and beauty and should make our own 'Golden cut'.

'Sun is in heaven', isn´t it? Don´t close the Triptych wings, Icarus!